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A Letter to the Future: Green Finance α >> β >> γ
  • A Letter to the Future: Green Finance α >> β >> γ

    The Anniversary Update released on 22.02.2023 has been added on to this original release from 22.02.2022.


    By the time we reach the end of the Beta period which is the end of 2030, aligned with our critical growth projection period in this report, the original release will become a classic. As such, there are reasons to believe there will be interests to read an Anniversary Update on 22.02.2031, and see how Gamma period (2031-2050) will start.


    You can now choose to purchase this full specialised consulting report to read our insights & analytics, and track how topics such as Green Finance, Net Zero and Climate Change have evolved over time; or you can purchase the Anniversary Update as a stand-alone here.


    06.03.2023 by BTT



    Climate change is one of the most important issues that humanity must address in the 21st century. Although many ideas have been raised about how to deal with climate change, the implementation of these ideas would be impossible without Green Finance.


    BTT Consulting are proud to present this 82-page independent consulting paper which delves into the development of Green Finance, especially green bonds and the actions taken by the public and private sectors to promote green initiatives. It is suitable for a wide range of audience, including those who are familiar with engaging management consulting services and reading such reports.


    Given the global attention and pledges brought by COP26 and the fact that our data analysis has already shown booming green bond issuance in 2021 in a few key areas, we expect the trend to continue with double-digit CAGR growth well into 2030. Globally, to highlight this growth, we feature analyses of the UK, France and Germany. The UK in particular having just announced in mid-February the issuance of new NS&I Green Savings bonds with a fixed rate of 1.3% AMR. Regionally we feature analyses of Hong Kong and the wider GBA. Although China’s pledge to achieve Net Zero is 10 years after 2050, we foresee its key economic zones such as Hong Kong and the wider GBA to be ahead of the curve. For example, the Hong Kong government has issued HK$57 billion worth of institutional green bonds and has just announced in mid-February the issuance plan for HK$6 billion of retail green bonds in March 2022 (As of 4th April 2022, this plan has been postponed)


    For a full list of topics, please see the Table of Contents in the gallery above.


    22.02.2022 by BTT


    > The paper should be immediately available for download upon successful payment. Should you encouter any issue please contact us at


    > A printed copy will be sent to your registered address upon successful purchase.


    > Payment Privacy Notice: All payments are handled securely with SSL certificate via an independent payment services provider "Stripe".

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