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A Letter to the Future: Anniversry Update
  • A Letter to the Future: Anniversry Update

    In this annual update, we:

    > Include selected work and updates from Section 1 to 7 of the original report (

    > Analyse and updated new data for green bonds in 2022

    > Draw recommendations for your Green Finance growth centres globally

    > Update new information for selected financial institutions

    > Expand our analysis in the global voluntary carbon market, which was captured as a hot topic in our 2022 report


    You can purchase this specialised consulting report to gain a quick insight into Green Finance/Net Zero/Climate Change topics. From Monday, 6th March you can also purchase the full original report from 2022, with the Anniversary Update added on from Page 83.


    If you are going to purchase the original full report, we recommend you waiting until 6th March.


    * The paper should be immediately available for download upon successful payment. Should you encouter any issue please contact us at


    Payment Privacy Notice: All payments are handled securely with SSL certificate via an independent payment services provider "Stripe".

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