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Winter Internship 2021 (1/2)

Posted on LinkedIn 4th Feb. 2022 by BTT Consulting Limited (

Today, Team BTT want to wish those in Hong Kong a refreshed first day back to work after a mini break from the lunar new year public holiday.

As the first post in the Year of the Tiger, we thought it would be nice to share some of the assignment work from our Winter Internship application process in 2021.

For the purpose of this sharing, we have not included anyone who has already joined Team BTT. The followings are selected assignments from candidates whom we spotted the technical potentials to be trained into decent management consultants. Some of these potentials include but not limited to:

a) The ability to create your own content based on research b) The ability to solve a question/request c) The ability to present/tell your stories based on a&b d) The willingness to rise to challenge in uncomfortable zone e) Curiosity.

We have selected a total of 4 assignments for sharing but we will be posting them in two articles (the second ones to be posted next week). Here are the first two:

By Mr. Swapnil Mishra

By Mr. Theodore W.

I want to thank the above candidates for submitting their consulting work and send them my best wishes for their future endeavours. - by LL

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