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A Letter to the Future

Posted on LinkedIn 22nd Feb 2022 by BTT Consulting Limited (

BTT Consulting are proud to present ‘A Letter to the Future’, an independent consulting paper on Green Finance. This 82-page report, which delves into the development of Green Finance, especially green bonds and the actions taken by the public and private sectors to promote green initiatives, has been launched earlier today (22/02) on our company website.

You can now purchase the paper from (A launch month promotion is available for a limited amount of time, please enter: “BTT22022022” on the checkout page):

The report provides key insights into the path that Green Finance could take towards the goal of Net Zero by 2050 and is suitable for a wide range of audience, including those who are familiar with engaging management consulting services and reading such reports (it comes with a complimentary presentation to your senior management please find out more from the purchase page).

Chinese versions are planned for release in March.

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