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1st July, have a good second half year

Posted on LinkedIn 1 July 2022 by BTT Consulting Limited (

“July, Hong Kong, Eyes On You.” This month’s behind-the-scene has shifted to the cross harbour tunnel in West Kowloon.

BTT ZoomIn 1st July Edition is ready to be delivered as we come back on Monday.

宴席無不散,快有再會時。Saying goodbye has been and will continue to be one of the hardest things. As a busy summer season starts, we want to thank all the interns that have worked with us (finally managed to meet all of them in person!) and wish them either a pleasant summer internship experience in their new firms, here in Hong Kong or a pleasant summer travel/school experience, abroad.

Also extending this good wish to all our followers here on LinkedIn - have a good second half year.


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