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Preparing for Growth in the GBA: Wealth Management
  • Preparing for Growth in the GBA: Wealth Management

    GBA Opportunities Series: Preparing for Growth in the GBA - Wealth Management


    Our research projects the total investable assets (exclusive of physical assets) of the GBA population to reach US$ 7.3 trillion by 2025. However, survey data indicates only a small portion of this investable market is being managed by professional institutions. There is a massive gap in the market that such institutions can exploit over the next 5 years, particularly for competitors within the 7 segments we identify.


    BTT Consulting are proud to present the second entry into our flagship GBA Opportunities series. This is an 84-page independent consulting paper and research report into the opportunities for growth within China's Greater Bay Area (GBA).

    Providing key insights into execution strategies, potential market size projections, and competitor deep-dives, this report is a must-read for anybody interested in tackling the massive opportunities that the GBA will afford to early movers in the Financial Services Industry.

    Representing the culmination of an extensive research effort, the paper features total wealth projections driven by macroeconomic forecasts, interviews with GBA stakeholders from throughout the Wealth Management ecosystem, analysis of distribution channels to optimise market positioning, overview of the GBA regulatory agencies, and SWOT analysis focusing on the opportunities and threats to expanding within the region, amongst others. For a full list of topics, please see the table of contents in the gallery above.

    Please reach out to BTT Consulting via details on the "Contact Us" page if you have any questions on the contents of this report or would like to engage us for further consulting work. As one of the earliest consulting companies who have dedicated significant research effort to the GBA, we would be honoured to help you formulate and execute your strategy.

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