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Green Finance & Net Zero

Lead Time

1-2 months for Strategy & Analysis

3 months + for Execution

Our Credentials

> We dedicated research and thought-leadership efforts in the topic of Green Finance, including its key financing instrument Green Bond. We published a 82-page consulting paper articulating our findings, insights and projections for Green Finance and Green Bond: English version was released in February and Chinese version was released in March 2022. Both available digitally in our Publication Shop.

> We proactively go to market and present on the above topic to large groups of professionals that are interested in the field.

Our Service Offering (selected)

> Strategy & Analytics: Explore green opportunities that can contribute towards your Net Zero initiatives:

1. Research of policies/initiatives applicable in the global and specific target market.

2. Analysis of customer awareness and preference in relation to creditable green products.

3. Projections of your market size combining both external and your internal data.

4. Complete feasibility study including assessment of external regulatory requirements and your internal readiness. Make recommendations for your business case.

> Execution:

1. Assist your internal project funding approval.

2. Identify and coordinate with all relevant external parties on your behalf to facilitate your internal process.

3. Lead the implementation of your selected green initiatives.

4. Prepare your annual sustainability, ESG reports including risk model and carbon calculation (GHG emissions).

* The illustrations on this page are written based on past experience with defined scope of work and they are not intended to give a one-fit-for-all formula for client engagements. We are happy to submit RFP for specific client engagements.

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