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Beyond Financial Sector

Lead Time

2-3 months


> For professional research papers: we will conduct primary research and interviews leveraging your existing network both internally and externally; secondary research to be performed on publicly available information and data globally, regionally and locally.

> Based on the above, our own consulting methodologies to be applied to draw insightful trends, analyses and other findings, demonstrated in a professionally written publication under your own brand, if preferred.

> For pitch decks and investor presentations, we will apply similar methodologies as above with a particular focus on using your internal information and data. The final product will present your vision and strategy, together with the financial modelling of your business plan.


> For samples of our products, please refer to our Publication Shop page here

> You can download one of the publications for free (in a research paper format) and the other one for a fee (in a presentation format).

> We are currently able to deliver in English and Chinese.

* The illustrations on this page are written based on past experience with defined scope of work and they are not intended to give a one-fit-for-all formula for client engagements. We are happy to submit RFP for specific client engagements.

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